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Sai has a special announcement.

Sai: Clara is very tired and she had a question or two, but mostly she forgot and so she kept writing questions for the poll in hopes of remembering. I'm 98.342% sure she failed miserably.

Poll #1210753 General orders of business.

Do we need a layout?

Yes. Layouts are important.
No. It's meaningless in the long run.
I want to pick a third option.

You guys should have character journals.

Sasuke votes no here.
Clara votes yes, her votes count more.

What color is Sai's spider?

She's brown, which is a nice, normal color.
She's black like midnight and death and stuff.
She's certainly not pink with yellow polka dots.
I think she should be white.

Is this poll done yet?

I don't know, are you still voting?
The joke is lost on me.
Please click here if you are Sasuke.

Should we take over the Naruto dressing room?

Yes, because it'd be fun.
No, we have no need. We already rule the world.
No, too time-consuming.

Hidan's best moment... headless.

Hello. This is your friendly moderator! Though you're moderators as well. It will have to do. I've realized something horrific, this being that the members of the band are lacking nicknames.

Therefore, I propose this: we nickname two characters each, one each for a character controlled by another writer. 'Cause you can't nickname yourself. That never catches on.

This entry is only necessary because I want to show off Hidan's new nickname, that came to me in a sudden spurt of brilliance. Therefore the character of Leslie's that I choose is the very same Dapper Dan man, and his nickname shall be... Snuggly Octopus. I have spoken. That is all.

P.S. Just for Clara, Sasuke and Hidan are currently celebrating their one month anniversary on the astral plane. Neither are very happy about it, and they know where you live.

[Edit] Proof of Hidan's snugglyness. Don't have nightmares, Clara.Collapse )

Hospital gowns.

Sasuke: *spends the next hour and a half trying to convince the medics to give his rather noisy guitarist extra pain medication... considering that Deidara at least was convinced that he needed it* I want to see the x-rays, and then we can discuss this further. *has no trouble ordering the doctors around, used to ordering around people that were much more difficult* *examines said x-ray carefully, raising an eyebrow* ... Completely broken?

Doctor: Yes. It will take several weeks to heal. We've already set it and the cast should be on by now, so... *checks his clipboard, trying to look professional whilst being glared at by a surprisingly intimidating male in makeup*

Suigetsu: *curses, pushing past a few nurses before spotting the band clan* Ah, finally... those stupid paparazzi... and Tsunade... it was a nightmare! Aren't you supposed to call her?

Sasuke: I will. When I get something definitive enough.